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A first year in the Phys Ed department at Reinan. He enrolls in the Second Karate Club after Takenaka beats him up in a spar.

Appearance Edit

Tall and lanky. Has a build similar to Ibuki Kengo. Long/Medium blond hair (longer than Minoru's).He has small stubble on his chin. Missing one of his front teeth and another one of his bottom teeth. Looks like more of a thug than a college student.

Personality Edit

He's been said to be one of those who a naturally strong-but he also lifts weights in secret. He also said to be a natural striker. But he has little to no stamina. He might be from North Kantou (Mitokaidou). He's kind've disrespectful as he doesn't address his senpai's with proper respect all the time. He's also Purple Kaiser's 7th Generation Special Attacks Squadron's Chief. Since Hayato Takahashi was the First Generation Special Attacks Squadron's Chief, they have a connection. Even though Hayato doesn't know him and has left that embarrassing past behind him. Ippei worked at a famous ramen joint in his hometown. He went to high school part time, so in the afternoons he attended a culinary school and even got his license.

Relationships Edit

Kohinata- Calls him Shoukoushi. He recognizes Kohinata's strength(being the reason he got involved with the karate club from the start). Even after joining the club, he still only addresses Minoru with his martial arts nickname "shoukoushi".

Takenaka- He spars with him the most. Takenaka is the first person who beat up him up (during a spar).

Trivia Edit

  • Ko'd Kawashima Riku with one headbutt
  • Along with Riku, they're the only two members that stayed on the team.
  • Some connection to the famous "Blond Robespierre" Hayato Takahashi
  • Can cook extremely well and has his license
  • With Minami training for Genesis and Akita out for back surgery, He's been the head cook at the Chinese Cuisine Ichiyoumatsu restaurant. (Akita's restaurant and Minami's place of work.)