Tamura Keita
Tamura Keita
Japanese Name 田村啓太
Rōmaji Name
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color
Blood Type
Occupation Student
Affiliation Reinan University
Hometown Japan
School Club Judo Club
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 11

Judo Club Captain and Member of Hyakubukai Executive Board


Shaved head, muscular face with tiny eyes.


He has a tendency to get incredibly pissed off especially whenever his members are attacked, or his club gets messed up. He shouts a lot, even to his members, like Pedro. It's said once you get on his bad side in the Judo club it's best to quit. Although he seemingly beat up Pedro a lot in Judo, Tamura overestimates his strength on multiple occasions. The first time we see his achilles heel in effect is when he loses badly to a short fight with the masked assailant (Mutou) in Ch.1. The second time is when the elder Mamiya jabbed him in the stomach with his shinai after commenting on how weak he was. The third time was when he severely underestimated Barbosa's strength, especially as Pedro immediately took him (and his genitals) out in a true fight after Pedro was expelled.



When Pedro was part of the club, he often roughed him up and picked on him.



Every time he shows up at the Hyakubukai meeting, he often shouts and blames others for what happened - mostly at Mutou, assuming he was always the masked man attacking people.

After having his members go into Pedro’s room and finding his Perverted Man Mask, he immediately expelled him. Despite Pedro begging him to stay in Judo so he can stay in Japan as an exchange student, he refused Pedro because he believed he has brought shame to the club.


  • Because of his skills, he is a candidate for the Olympics.
  • Pedro raped him, when Keita threatened to kick him out the club after he found out Pedro was the Masked Rapist
  • Was a former Olympic Candidate