Takakura Hiroshi
Kasumi Saizou
Japanese Name 本名・高倉広志
Rōmaji Name
Alias Kasumi Saizou (霞才蔵)
Age 22
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color
Height 174cm
Weight 70kg
Blood Type A
Family Takakura Akiko (Sister)
Affiliation Iskandar
Reinan University (Formerly)
Hometown Kamiminochi-gun, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
School Club Second Karate Club
Ninjutsu Club (Formerly)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 67

Takakura Hiroshi, known as "Kasumi Saizou" was the Chief of the Ninjutsu Club before it disbanded. As the only member left in the club, he has a strong desire in finding recruits, finally discovering Kohinata Minoru and forcing him into the club after he accidentally set a secret scroll on fire. He has a obsession over his sister, Takakura Akiko


He often wears a stereotypical ninja costume, and is highly visible- like in a river with water tubes… With his costume off and face shown, he has a thin mustache and beard, thin eyebrows, a sharp nose and long hair. Minoru didn't notice him at first when he showed up as a normal person, so he put his make up on wearing dark thick eyeliner and thick eyebrows that angled up.


Perverted peeping tom. Loves secretly watching women in their underwear, especially the Naginata Club. He is also really great at researching people, like having a full list of all the fighters and their styles for the Preliminary Round, or just happens to hear from them to help out his team. However he's not always listened to, like when he tries to tell Mamiya Seiji that his opponent's knee was injured because he overheard them speak.


Takakura AkikoEdit

Kohinata MinoruEdit

Tries to make a member of the Ninjutsu Club.



When Kasumi Saizou thinks Minami is two-timing (or three or four timing) his sister Akiko, he writes a false letter to lure him out. Minami has never met his sister, and was talking about a different Akiko, while the member of the karate club that Akiko really likes is Minoru, who Saizou tried to make his accomplice.

Attempted to kill a guy he thought was two-timing his sister Akiko, and when he learns that their grandfather has arranged a marriage for her, he ultimately ends up punching the groom so hard in the testicles, that it's implied that the guy ended up sterile as a result. Also, Saizou's unhappy that he wasn't able to actually kill the guy.