Takakura Akiko
Takakura Akiko
Japanese Name 黄遥華
Rōmaji Name
Age 22
Gender Female
Hair Color
Eye Color
Height 151cm
Blood Type AB
Birthday January 30
Family Takakura Tetsuzan (Grandfather)

Takakura Sasuke (Father) Takakura Hiroshi (Brother)

Occupation Student (Formerly)
Assistant Homeroom Teacher
Affiliation Reinan University (Formerly)
Reinan High School
Country of origin Kamiminochi-gun, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
School Club Naginata Club
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 26
Chapter 4 (Monogatari)

Takakura Akiko is part of the Naginata Club. She was a first year in the club until she became the new captain and replaced Nozomi. It is revealed that without her spectacles, Akiko couldn't control her attacks when she's using the naginata. 


Akiko had short black hair, similar to a bob style along with bangs that reached her eyebrows and she wears glasses. As the series progressed, Akiko's hair grew longer.


Akiko is shown to be a shy and timid girl, especially around her crush. 


Takakura HiroshiEdit

He is Akiko's older brother who's three years older than she is. He tends to be overprotective of her.

Endou NozumiEdit

She was Akiko's captain of the Naginata Club and good friend.

Kohinata MinoruEdit

Kohinata and Akiko are good friends. She first met Kohinata Minoru when he was being chased down by the members of the Kendo Club, right after he defeated their captain, Mamiya Kiichi. She used to have a crush on him but seemed to have gotten over it. 

Mamiya SeijiEdit

Akiko's current love interest. They started off as friends and first met when Mamiya fought in a tournament.




  • Both Akiko and Seiji are the current captains of their respective clubs. Mamiya Seiji replaced Minami as the captain of The Second Karate Club while Akiko replaced Nozomi as the new captain of the Naginata Club.
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