Morisawa Yuuya
Morisawa Yuuya
Japanese Name
Rōmaji Name
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color
Blood Type
Affiliation Reinan University
Hometown Japan
School Club Mixed Martial Arts Association Club
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 31

Reinan University Mixed Martial Arts Association Club Captain who also harasses women for money.


Morisawa Yuuya Portrait

With dark hair, he wears eye glasses and has a mole on his face. He by far fits the stereotype for being the most super creepy perverted nerdy looking adult who stalks young girls for their nudity. When he takes off his shirt, he has a ridiculous amount of muscle and when the glasses come off, he looks and pretty much acts just like the hulk.


He is a villainous individual who makes a big deal of the advantages his versatile fighting style gives over purebred karateka. However, when he fights Ibuki Kengo, he goes down like a punk despite using a weapon, and Ibuki's student is quick to point out that while Ibuki practices his art at an elite level, Morisawa's skills are distinctly half-assed.

As a selfish thoughtless man, he secretly goes around stealing women’s undergarment and clothes from clubs, as well as stripping them & then photographing them for money so he can purchase locations to extend his martial arts space. He is very determined to make his club part of the Hyakubukai, and is willing to use women and money by all means.


Nana MisakiEdit

Stole her underwear and attempted to raped her.

Takakura AkikoEdit

Stole her underwear and stalked her via camera.

Ibuki KengoEdit

Ibuki disrupted his perverted photography in the forest

Mutou RyuujiEdit

Gave him his own electric shock.



With a large association, he decides on expanding space to create a specialized training area for his club to become part of Hyakubukai, When he visits the Second Karate Club to borrow it, Minami Hiroki, however says no. He offers 100,000 yen, but Minami still says no, as it is their karate dojo, and that is not how it works. Angered, he believes that his strength is far better than theirs.

Trying to gain money from secret perverted business, he had a request for Nana Misaki's leotard and nude photos. The following day, wearing a mask and hat to be hidden, he finds Nana and shocks her with electric rod, and takes her to a nearby forest. As he starts to harass Nana to take nude photos, and possibly rape her, Morisawa is immediately interrupted by Ibuki because the forest is actually his normal training spot. Because he didn’t want to give away his identity, Morisawa had to retreat with no photos and no fight. Angered that he lost both money and photos of nude Nana, he decides to get back to Ibuki. Visiting Ibuki at his work, he challenges him a fight. Believing he is really strong, he is actually a weak fighter and had an easy loss with a kick to his stomach by Ibuki. He grabbed his electric rod again to use, but then Mutou Ryuuji shows up who kicks the rod back into Morisawa’s mouth, for a self-electric-shock.