Kou Haruka
Kou Haruka
Japanese Name 黄遥華
Rōmaji Name
Age 20
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color
Height 170cm
Blood Type A
Birthday December 29
Occupation Student
Affiliation Reinan University (Formerly)
Country of origin Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
School Club Taekwondo Club
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 5

Kou Haruka was the Captain of the Taekwondo Club, and Board Member of Hyakubukai.


She has black hair and is a beautiful woman with an erotic body.


With a serious personality, she is said to be the strongest female character in school. Despite the fact that she hates karate, she still has a great appreciation for it.



As childhood friends, he rescued her from a group of men who attempted to rape her, and subsequently introduced her to Karate (although she'd already been training in Taekwondo). After he loses in the 2nd round of the first K.O.S. tournament, he was unintentionally caught up in a scandal after being initially seen together with a martial arts fan & model, Oniniwa Atsuko and later Haruka by paparazzi. She and Satomi are then forcibly separated when the K.O.S. director sends Satomi to Holland for 6 months to a year, and then tells her to "forget about him" after he hands her an envelope. She affectionately refers to him as "Masa-nii".


They're dating and were rumored to be before the start of the series. She's in love with Ryuuji so much that she traveled all the way to Okinawa when she thought he wasn't taking his training seriously. After the loss to Satomi, Mutou promises he won't return to see her until he becomes the best among men. After the two year time-skip she travels with Mutou to begin her quest to become the strongest woman.


Fighting teacher with Mutou. Since he's Mutou's direct kouhai, Kou has been most interested in his progress.



She was rescued by Satomi, from 3 men who attempted to rape her. After this, she trains in karate, where she spends more time with and eventually develops feelings for Satomi, who is teased about his relationship with her by his fellow Karate practitioners, particularly Hamada Kaoru. However, her budding relationship with Satomi was subsequently ended when, after losing to a Russian fighter, he was sent over to Holland to train with and compete against European fighters. She was given an envelope and told by Izumi Koushou, to forget about Satomi.


She is introduced pissed off when Hayama accidentally spills beer over her body, making her clothes more translucent and showing off her body. After Minami bows and asks for forgiveness, she surprisingly allows it, despite stepping on his head. After Mutou arrives and teases her, she decides to shows him a small portion of her strongest and sharpest kick.


  • She makes sure to remove her high-heeled boots before she starts kicking.
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