With a history of 80 years and with 104 members it is number 1 in the Hyakubukai. Due to their captain, OB, and more than 11 or 12 members getting demolished by Muotu, the Judo Club has an enormous grudge against Ryuuji and their hatred extends to that of all of the Second Karate Club. On multiple occasions, the Judo Club has attempted to get Mutou expelled and his club disbanded. In the event of the pervert masked assailant, Tamura realized that the masked man wasn't likely Mutou (considering the attacks used were different and his kouhai who was confident in his pining skills was done in). Even with this knowledge he still tried to use this against Ryuuji. A month after Kaburagi-ryu's National Tournament, Tamura (with a smile on his face) and Tadokoro quickly stormed in, took their sign, and disbanded their club. He was using Kaburagi's scandal, and the fact that most of Kaburagi's dojos were being shut down, or transferring under other martial arts dojos (Koudan Kaikan). With their official martial art being taken away, Tamura finally got his wish as the Hyakubukai couldn't recognize a club that couldn't compete in official matches.



  • Sakurai Kazuhiro: 1st year
  • Tachiyama Yoshiaki (OB)

Former MembersEdit