Reinan University's Hyakubukai (百武会) is a sports committee alliance of Reinan's Characteristic 100 martial arts clubs. Any sport/martial art can have an application submitted to become an association, but has to have 5 or more members before the Hyakubukai can recognize it as a club. Normally if the sport/martial art can't compete in official tournaments the Hyakubukai will not be able recognize it as a club.

The top 5 clubs being Judo, Sumo, Kendo, Karate-do and Taekwondo. The rankings in the Hyakubukai are based solely on the number of members each club has. The captains of each of the 5 clubs with the highest amount of members (Judo, Sumo, Kendo, Karate-do, Taekwondo) makeup a council of the Hyakubukai. The council of the captains together decide on how to operate multiple extracurricular activities, events, or problems resulting within any of the 100 clubs. Such as deciding on how much monetary investment to put forth into transportation/extra gyms/storage rooms, disbanding clubs, or arresting suspicious people causing discord/havoc among clubs (then either expelling them from campus or sending them to the proper authorities).

Members of The Board

Top 5 Clubs according to ranking in Hyakubukai based on number of members and championships won.
Club Name Technical Focus/Type Years Members Championships
Second Karate Club Kaburagi-ryu 40 2 (Mutou, Ibuki)
Karate-do Club Strikes (Hand) 65 61
Judo Club Grappling (Throwing) 80 104
Kendo Club Weapon-Based (Sword) 80 121 1
Naginata Club Weapon-Based (Pole) 80 41 20
Sumo Club Grappling (Throwing)
Taekwondo Club Strikes (Kicking)