Chapter 1
Chapter 1
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Title The Masked Karate Killer
Pages 48
Release Date July 4th 2000
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At the Reinan University gym where Kohinata Minoru is with Misaki Nana, helping her practice gymnastics. During a flip she accidentally kicks Minoru in the nose and gets a handkerchief to clean the blood. Outside the gym, The Masked Man, known and warned for beating up some of the strongest at school, begins his fighting towards the renowned Olympic candidate and Judo Club Captain, Tamura Keita. Despite Tamura grabbing The Masked Man immediately and calling him a fool, he makes a variety of thoughtless openings, giving The Masked Man not only an easy way to break his ribs, but a quick and easy win.

Disappointed, The Masked Man heads back to his place to take off his mask and grab a dog snack (literally) to eat. He then decides to visit the gym across from his dorm to see some hot ladies. To his surprise, as he lays down watching at the doorway, there was Minoru passively telling Nana about his incapability of rejoining the Gymnastics Club. Eventually, 3 other gym members (seniors) enter, including Shimura Tomo, the Head of the Gymnastics Club. Angry at Minoru’s presence at the club because he is not a member, Shimura decides to crush his head on the floor with his feet, while another puts cigarettes on his face. Another member tells Misaki that the world is full of pests and Minoru is one of them. Nana, angry at these bullies, kicks one of them in the back of the head, leading her to also be attacked, and held to be stripped. Minoru finally stands up and talks loudly to them. The previously Masked Man who has been watching by the door the entire time is finally excited to see Minoru fight.

Instead, however, Minoru bows immediately on the floor to Shimura, and tells him, that is willing to do anything for him, so long as he lets Nana go. Suddenly Mutou screams out in anger at Kohinata's passive behaviour and the lights turn off. When a gymnastics member turns it back on, the Masked Man appears before everyone, scarily saying “Hello,” and beats up everyone except Nana and Minoru in a strange violently-happy way. When Minoru asks him who he is, and why he was saved, the Masked Man just punches him straight in the face, calling him a fool and useless idiot who can’t even protect his girlfriend. He then says he's going to change Minoru.



  • The Masked Man calls himself Dr. Wagner Jr. who is a real life Mexican luchador enmascarado or Masked professional wrestler.
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