Alyosha Harchenko
Alyosha Harchenko
Japanese Name
Rōmaji Name
Age 20
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color
Blood Type
Occupation Student
Affiliation Reinan University
Hometown Vladivostok, Russia
School Club Second Karate Club
First Appearance
Manga Debut

Alyosha Harchenko is a Russian who studied Sambo Commando in the Russian Army and Karate at Koudan Kaikan. She met Hamada Kaoru back in Vladivostok, Russia three years prior to the start of the manga. Alyosha is revealed to be transgender after she had fought Pedro and he pulled her pants down. She was saving up money for surgery so that she could have "Mr. Elephant" removed. 


Alyosha has long, wavy blonde hair and is a tall woman. It turned out that she is actually transgender.



Hamada KaoruEdit

Alyosha first met Hamada when he was in Koudan Kaikan at the Russian branch. And they started a small relationship. Unfortunately, Hamada had to return to Japan because of a scheduled fight. After 3 years, Alyosha travels all the way to Japan to learn Karate, earn enough money to remove her "elephant", and see him once again. The two reunited at Akita sensei's restaurant while taking a break from training Minoru for his KOS debut fight. Hamada is still clueless about her being a transvestite (and probably always will considering she removed her "elephant"). Hamada seems to have a small suspicion due to the fact she works long hours at night and says she's a works in a library. She really works in a Russian brothel (lying about her librarian gig).  

Mamiya SeijiEdit

Seiji used to have a crush on Alyosha when she went to Reinan University looking for a club to join. Mamiya recruited Alyosha in the association because he was attracted to her. It was until it was revealed that Alyosha is biologically a male. Seiji has been traumatized after finding this out.