Akamine Kazutora
Akamine Kazutora
Japanese Name 赤嶺一虎
Rōmaji Name
Age 41
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color
Blood Type
Occupation Instructor
Affiliation Kaburagi-ryu
Reinan University (Formerly)
Hometown Okinawa, Japan
School Club Second Karate Club
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 42

Akamine Kazutora was the 19th Captain of the Second Karate Club and is currently in charge of the Kaburagi-Ryu Okinawa Branch Dojo and Okinawa Training Camp.


Tiny guy, with a round face, thick eyebrows, full lips, and bouffant hair which is actually a toupee.


A strict guy who cusses and shouts a lot at new campers, he has a way of making his students fear for their lives as well as kiss his ass. As a reward, he loves to get drunk on the last day.


  • Rika: His daughter, who yelled at him as a stupid old man to drink less because of his health. She made him promise his wife/her mom.
  • Kayoko: His deceased wife who died from heart failure. She was much taller than he was and was described as having the build of a pro wrestler (the picture of her wearing a championship belt)
  • Pedro: Taking out his privates parts, Pedro hops into blankets with Akamine thinking it was Minoru. Akamine kisses him at night dreaming about his wife and giving him a hicky.
  • Kevin Norton: A dangerous and violent guy that Akamine had his dojo try best to avoid. He beat up many of Akamine's members to the point where they couldn't even do Karate anymore.



As owner of the Okinawa Training Camp, he spends the summer training Second Karate Club to help them prepare for the Fall National Kaburagi-Ryu Tournament. While Minami said his camp was the most enjoyable event and dream come true, Seiji said most new members called it the Training Camp from Hell. After feeding them only tofu and rice after a full day training, their breaks were to clean their hotel room.